Zynga will stop operating in Japan, offices to be closed

Zynga will be closing its Japanese branches, the company has said.

They have had a bad year with shares plummeting and Facebook sort of alienating and reducing their dependence on them. Zynga used to get more than 80% of its revenue from Facebook but the company now makes far lesser than that due to a lot of factors.

Their social games aren’t doing that well, and the EA clone they were creating called The Ville has been cancelled too amidst complaints from EA and threats of legal action.

There is an update posted on the Japanese Zynga website, which we have attempted to translate below via Google Translate.

Notice of dissolution of a Japanese corporation

Thank you for patronizing always Zynga Japan. That we will continue to work but I get the kindness of everybody over two and a half years since its establishment as the Japanese subsidiary of U.S. company Zynga, to dissolve the corporation Womochimashite Japan January 31, 2013 due to various reasons became.

I would like to thank deeply from my heart to everyone, including the customer who enjoys the title of our past, we received your support.

Because we will continue to service beyond January 31, 2013 “Yin Ayakashi record” has gotten (and Android version of iOS) well received, thank you for your continued patronage and support.”

Zynga has set its eyes on real money gambling and has earned licenses in some parts of Europe but are still waiting to get the green light in the US. They recently fired a bunch of employees from their San Diego studio causing an outrage on Twitter because it coincided with the Apple iPhone 5 reveal event.

Thanks, Polygon.