Zone of the Enders HD Uses PS3 SPUs, Best Remaster Yet

zone of the enders hd featured

We have some new details on Zone of the Enders 2 HD Remaster. It’s a been a while since it was released but the new information that was outed recently reveals that it is undoubtedly the best HD Remaster the PS3 has ever received.

Why? Because it uses the SPUs and actually enhances the original game so much that it could be passed as a current gen game by itself.

The team that did the work has revealed that they had rewritten the renderer from scratch and used the “SPUs to cover for lack of vector units”.

The end result is that the HD Remaster has twice the resolution, 4x higher resolution of particles (32x for the HUD elements), adds FSAA, contains better post-processing effects. The framerate has also been improved and runs 2-3x more than the original port.

That’s quite impressive, isn’t it? This is how a HD Remaster should be and not a blatant cash grab like we see nowadays with minimal improvements.

Here’s a comparison of the particle effects.

zone of the enders hd 1 improvements

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