Zelda BoTW: Infinite Arrow Farming Makes the Game A lot Easier

Arrows are pretty difficult to get in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. You have to pay the vendors to get them or find them while exploring the game which is quite huge.

You will also run out of arrows soon if you use them a lot, but using a Savage Lynel bow can really make the game quite unchallenging.

The trick is to have 999 arrows in your inventory so you never run out soon. Wait… 999, you ask, how’s that even possible?

Well, there’s a farming technique which requires you to go to a location to the left of Parache plains near a ridge.

You have to find three horseback Bokoblins who will shoot you with arrows and they will hit you unless you use Rivali’s Gale and drop down and don’t touch the camera at all. It takes around 50 mins to get all 999 arrows so you could watch Netflix in the meantime while you just keep pressing the A button. Or you can read a heartwarming story of an American designer who worked on this game and how he managed to end up at Nintendo.

Check out the video below that shows this in detail.

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