Yakuza: Ishin Details: RPG Elements, Deep Combat, More

ryu ga gotoku ishin featured 1

We have some new details on Yakuza: Ishin from an interview on Dengeki PlayStation. The game was announced earlier this month but the platforms are not confirmed. However, it looks like it will be either a PS4 or a PS Vita title.

A GAF member has revealed some details from the interview, and according to him, there will be a heavy RPG influence on the game design. The combat is also said to be the deepest and most exciting one in the series.

While you could already use swords and guns in the previous Yakuza games, this time you can do it with primary weapons. The weapon variety is also said to be large.

He also adds that, “they’ll also be putting more focus on the character level and weapon upgrades, and designing the game such that it won’t be easy to play through without the player consciously thinking about how to improve the character’s attributes as well as keeping weapons updated. With the focus on weapon collection, upgrading and leveling (up to lvl99).”

Earlier there were some screenshots revealed and based on that it definitely looks like a PS4 game. Sony will be holding a conference on September 9 where presumably the PS4 release date for Japan will be revealed, along with the platform details for Yakuza: Ishin.

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