Xur’s Inventory for Feb 20 Revealed; Has Some Good Surprises

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Xur: Agent of the Nine has finally appeared at the tower for another week and he brings something gamers have been asking for a long time. Yes, that’s right, he is finally selling the heavy ammo synthesis. Most of you must have a ton of strange coins right now so it would be advisable to stock up on heavy ammo synths to feed your Gjallarhorn. He does not have the Gjallarhorn for sale though.

He also has the chest engram which means if you are a warlock you can gamble for Heart of the Praxic Fire. Each chest engram costs 23 motes of light so you do not have many chances and hope Master Rahool showers his kindness upon you.

His full inventory can be found below. He can be found near the Crucible Quartermaster.


  • No Land Beyond
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi (133 Int)
  • Radiant Dance Machines (128 Str)
  • Voidfang Vestments (155 Str)
  • Chest Engram
  • Heavy Ammo

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