Xur location and items for Week 22 revealed, Plan C again

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We have Xur’s location and inventory for week 22 and he is selling the Plan C fusion rifle again. And yes, he doesn’t have heavy ammo synthesis as well.

That seems to be a weird omission considering he used to sell it so regularly. Bungie really loves to torture its players, don’t they?

I am not sure if Xur is random or picked by Bungie staff but there needs to be some real code change so that he actually proves to be an asset to players.

He can be found at the right hangar this week.

His items are:

  • The Glasshouse helmet
  • Don’t touch me gloves
  • Sunbreakers
  • Plan C
  • Exotic Shard
  • Gloves Engram

He also has a bunch of items for upgrade so check out his inventory. He will be in the tower between friday to sunday.

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