Xur location and Inventory revealed, Selling Dragon’s Breath again (1/30)

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Xur: Agent of the Nine is back in the tower for this week and he will be there from friday to sunday. His inventory consists of DLC items again and he is selling Dragon’s Breath along with a bunch of other items.

I’m sure it’s not something you were expecting but hey that’s Bungie for you. It feels like they are pushing the DLC hard on people who don’t own it yet.

He is near the speaker to the left side of where you spawn in the tower. He also has Ice Breaker for upgrade so if you still have it at 300 then it’d be best to upgrade it soon.

His inventory is as follows:

Stand Asides
Don’t Touch Me
Starfire Protocol
Dragons Breath
Gauntlet engram


Mark of the third man
Ahamkaras spine
Helm of inmost light
Crest of alpha lupi
Skull of dire ahamkara
Universal remote
Pocket infinity
Ice breaker
Super good advice

So what did you get? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • ike

    Lol at bungie selling dragon’s breath right after the Crota HM cheese using it is found.


    wtf…. give me a damn Gjallehorn . Not a stupid Dragon’s Breath…… getting to the point I want to punch Xur in his tentacle face…. stop selling the same shit over and over …..Starfire protocols again!?!?!?! a little variety bungie…… I look forward to Friday for this xur jerk, just so he can keep disappointing me. Time to get on Dying light till next Friday…..