Xur is selling No Land Beyond again, Here’s his full inventory (1/23)

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We have Xur’s inventory for this week and he will be in the tower from friday to sunday, so that’s two whole days. He has the No Land Beyond for sale again which seems to be a massive troll after he sold Icebreaker last week.

He does not have the heavy ammo synth and most of you must have burned a lot of ammo synth by taking on crota on hard mode so this is certainly a bit disappointing.

He is in the vanguard room on the right side. You will spot him since there will usually be a bunch of people hanging around him.

He is also selling the Radiant Dance Machines exotic boots so that’s something new.

MK.44 Stand Asides
Radiant Dance Machines
Starfire Protocol
No Land beyond
Exotic shard + exotic helm engram
No heavy ammo

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  • warlock

    when i walked up i was like wtf is this shit…. i got starfire protocol though its a decent enough armor piece.

  • daniel hotaling

    One of the worst xur inventories I’ve seen yet. Absolutely nothing worth buying. No land beyound…….give me a break

  • Fuckxur

    Radiant dance machines are sick but really another fucking no land beyond? What a joke hahaha