Xur has the Red Death for March 13, Next Week’s NF and Weekly Strikes Revealed

xur red death

Xur: The Agent of Nine is back in the tower and this week is a special week as he has a special weapon for all the guardians out there. It’s the pulse rifle Red Death.

In case you don’t know the recent buff to the pulse rifle has made the Red Death a very formidable weapon in both PvE and PvP. It also has a special perk where it heals the player upon getting a kill.

Meanwhile, Megamanexe on Reddit has revealed the next week’s Nightfall and Weekly strikes and it’s going to be Omnigul again with Arc burn.

Xur is near the Vanguards and he’s selling a bunch of things which can be found below.

Red Death
Skull Fort
Helmet engram
Heavy ammo

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