Xur has the Mida Multi Tool Again, Here’s his full inventory for April 24

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Xur is back in the tower for April 24-25 and we have his complete inventory for you. He is selling the Mida Multi-Tool which he had sold plenty of times before. If you do not have the gun you should get it because it is very useful.

He can be found near the Crucible quartermaster, chilling out as usual and he will be there until Sunday so if you want his wares make sure you have enough strange coins.

Here’s his inventory:

Exotic Armor: Mk. 44 Stand Asides, Crest of Alpha Lupi (hunter), Skull of Dire Ahamkara.

Exotic Weapon: Mida Multi-tool

Exotic Engram: Body armor engram


He also has the heavy ammo synth which you can buy using 1 strange coin. It will net you 5 heavy ammo synths. Not an eventful week for Xur, but his wares may become interesting as the new DLC hits.

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  • Brian Patterson

    Xur is becoming more and more a waste of time. His consistence of selling the same old shit week after week is really getting old. Most people who have been playing for a long time now have no use for him except to buy heavy ammo and/or exotic shards. The weapons he offers are more than likely already owned by 90% of the people that play on a regular basis. Drop us something new and exciting for once Bungie!!!