Xur has the Icebreaker and Obsidian Mind, Full Inventory (1/16)

xur icebreaker

It’s time for Xur: The Agent of Nine to shower guardians with goodies but obviously they have to pay for them. Today he brings us the esteemed Icebreaker and Obsidian Mind for the Warlock. He also has a Glasshouse helmet for Titan. This is probably one of the best weeks for Xur and it looks like he did a good amount of negotiation with his bosses.

His inventory can be found above. He is near the Crucible Quartermaster but you may not be able to spot him amidst the crowd.

This is the second time he has sold the Icebreaker and guardians would be wise to buy it from him if they don’t have it. He does not have a helmet engram however so maybe next week then!

Are you satisfied with his inventory this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • ryan bean

    Icebreaker ! Hell yeah

  • Sean

    I really really really wanted Icebreaker, but I fear now It will lose all power since everyone will have one…. :/

    • mango

      pvp? good luck. plenty of “almost” no recoil, fast rate sniper rifles will be better. i use a Y09 void with some nice rolls. pretty much a beast

  • AJ

    I’m decidedly unsatisfied with it. Due to Bungie’s non-functional servers I haven’t been able to log in to the game for 3 days (and counting) and now Xur sells the gun I’ve been waiting for.
    Can’t begin to tell you how much I hate Bungie at the moment

    • timmy

      psn had a small downtime couple of days ago, but since that there has been zero network issues. i’ve gotten iron banner to rank 4 in 3 days playing at home and work. no network issues at either place. you sure it’s not your network?

  • dbhb

    I’ll be the only cool kid who got the ice breaker week one from the nightfall

    • BenDover

      Aren’t you just a douche bag. Millions of people play this game and you honestly think you’re one of the only people who got an icebreaker early on without buying it? #dumbass