Xur has the Bones of Eao and you should totally buy it

xur bones of eao

Xur: The Agent of Nine is back in the tower and he has something very interesting for all the Destiny guardians out there. Bones of Eao which is an exotic leg piece for the hunter is one of the most wanted exotics in the game.

Using it you can jump really high with the hunter, one thing the class was sorely lacking. It upgrades the double jump to triple jump and triple jump to quadruple jump. You can do a lot of cool things with that exotic in the game.

Xur can be found near the speaker and he is also selling The Last Word handcannon and Eternal Warrior helmet.

Bones of Eao is a must recommended exotic to buy if you have a hunter class and even if you don’t it’s a must buy since you can make a new hunter class anytime.

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  • Courtney

    That’s going straight in my barsket