Xur disappoints on HoW Launch Week, Full Inventory Revealed

house of wolves main

Many people were having high hopes from Xur after he sold new exotics during The Dark Below launch week, however, he has disappointed during the House of Wolves launch week.

There are many new exotics added to the game and since he is selling a helmet engram you have a chance to get a few of them. There are three new helmet exotics and each engram costs 23 motes of light. So if you want a cool new helmet early, then you have to gamble for it.

His inventory is pretty stale and you can check them out below. He is on the Reef in a door behind the postmaster.

xur inventory house of wolves

It seems Bungie wants you to grind for motes of light so you can have a shot at the new exotics, which is pretty disappointing.

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