Xur: Agent of the Nine, Week 9 Items and Location Revealed (11/7)

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Xur is back and he has some nice goodies for Destiny players. 2 months have passed since Destiny came out and Xur has arrived on time every week from Friday-Sunday. He has sold a lot of exotics ranging from Gjallarhorn to Red Death, so what has be brought today?

You need 17-23 strange coins and 23 motes of light to purchase his goods. Make sure you do the Weekly strike on multiple characters at level 28 if you can to get 18 strange coins.

Here are his items and location for week 9.

Xur is on the right side, by the hangar.

Titan: Crest of Alpha Lupi chest
Hunter: Mask of the Third Man helmet
Warlock: Sunbreakers gauntlets
Weapon: Truth
Exotic Helmet Engram

So what did you purchase? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Richard Biles

    Crap again this week

  • Louis Yunker

    Stop putting sunbreakers up for sale. I’m so tired of this shit.

  • JS

    Wasn’t he selling Truth 2 weeks ago? Is his stuff RNG or does bungie plan this out. Variety please

    • homeless

      He sold the Suros

  • homeless

    Destiny’s endgame system blows donkey dick.