Xur: Agent of The Nine Locations and Items Revealed, Plan C Again

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Xur: Agent of the Nine has been spotted again and he brings Plan C fusion rifle for all the guardians out there. Yes no Gjallarhorn today, but that was expected as Bungie wouldn’t want people to make mockery of their new raid, would they?

Location: Right side by hangar

Titan: Helm of Inmost Light
Hunter: Ahmakama Spine
Warlock: Light Beyond Nemesis
Weapon: Plan C
Exotic Shards

Heavy synth

He is not selling the exotic engram so if you were planning to use your motes of light on that, tough luck. Bungie is smarter than you think.

This has to be a disappointing Xursday for many because no doubt many people were hoping for a Gjallarhorn.

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  • Plan A

    Why plan c again?? Why??

  • Poop

    Gay city.

  • SillyRabbit

    Jeez. Xur is a dick. I would’ve been happy for any new item. I figured Jellyhorn & Methbreaker were too good to be true, but he could’ve brought us Praxic at least. Sad day…

  • Why!!!!

    Mother fucking fucker fucking gay fuck why the fuck plan c again -.-

  • Logan Rogers

    why i was looking for gjallarhorn or hard light but no plan c which i got two days before he sold it last time so now i have enough strange coins to supply like ten exotics

  • Logan Rogers

    for exotic shards

  • Eat a bag of dicks xur!

    Didn’t buy plan c last week cause I had light beware. So I figured I wait till next week and buy another different exotic. Looks like bungee REALLY wants me to have this thing. So I guess I’ll buy it. I’m sure there are more than 12 non raid exotics out there. If not… Put the damn things on rotation! Damnit bungie just when I think you can’t be any dumber. You go and do something like this…