Xur: Agent of The Nine Items and Location Revealed, The Last Word Again

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No Gjallarhorn for you peeps as Xur is back in the tower and he has brought with him The Last Word this time. TLW is an exotic handcannon that has a full-auto fire rate. Which means it’s really good at short range.

He also has the Gjallarhorn upgrade so if you can get it by playing the Vault of Glass you can upgrade it with him. Bungie will soon patch the game and you will get 331 ATK exotics from VoG.

He also has a bunch of other items which you can check out below.


Titan – An insurmountable skullfort (Dis +104/112)
Hunter – Lucky Raspberry (Int +149/160)
Warlock – Starfire Protocol (Int +144/155)
The Last Word


Crest of Alpha Lupi (Hunter) (Str +126/135)
Young Ahamkara’s Spine (Dis +93/100)
Helm of Saint-14 (Int +118/127)
An Insurmountable Skullfort (Dis +98/105)
Apotheosis Veil (Dis +115/124)
Heart of Praxic Fire (Dis +134/144)
Hard Light
Suros Regime
Mida Multi-tool
Plan C
Monte Carlo (PS4)

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