Xur: Agent of the Nine Has Plan C, Here’s His Items and Location (11/28)

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We have Xur: Agent of the Nine’s items and location for this week. He will be available in the tower from November 28 to November 30. You need strange coins and motes of light to purchase stuff from him and they can be easily acquired by doing weekly strikes and vanguard tiger strikes.

Last week he sold Mida Multi Tool, an exotic scout rifle, and for this week we have Plan C. Plan C is a really good fusion rifle with a good range. It’s a great exotic and matches the Pocket Infinity when it comes to wrecking people in PvP.

Here’s his item list and location:

He is near the crucible vendor.

Titan: The Armamentarium
Hunter: Crest of Alpha Lupi
Warlock: Voidfang Vestments
Weapon: Plan C
Engram: Gauntlets

So what did you buy? Let us know in the comments section below.