Xur: Agent of The Nine Brings Xmas Goodies, Gjallarhorn Upgrade (12/26)

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This is week 16 of Destiny and Xur: Agent of The Nine has brought some great goodies for players to enjoy. He doesn’t have the Gjallarhorn for sale though but he does have the upgrade.

He also has the Hawkmoon upgrade along with a bunch of other guns. The gun he is selling is No Land Beyond exotic sniper, which is a primary weapon and well known as the worst gun in the game.

He will be in the tower until Sunday and you need 7000 glimmer to get each upgrade along with an exotic shard.

agent of the nine xmas sale

PSN and Xbox Live are having issues right now so if you can log in now you can get his goodies early.

Which item did you get? Let us know in the comments section below.