Xur: Agent of Nine’s location and Items Revealed for Week 4 (10/3)

agent of nine week 4

Xur: Agent of Nine”s location for week 4 has been revealed. He is an Exotic and Legendary item vendor and he only appears each week from friday-sunday. You do not have a lot of time before he disappears so make sure you have farmed enough Strange Coins and Motes of Light.

You need 23 strange coins to purchase an exotic weapon, 13 strange coins for an armour, and 23 Motes of Light to purchase an exotic engram. His last week’s items can be found here, in case you are wondering what it was. He sold a great rifle last week Suros Regime which is pretty much one of the best weapons in the game.

Location: He’s in the vanguard room.


  • Helm of Saint 14 (exotic helmet for Titan class)
  • Achylophage symbiote (exotic helmet for Hunter class)
  • Sunbreakers (exotic gauntlets for the Warlock class)
  • Red Death (exotic pulse rifle)
  • Helm engram (exotic engram)

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  • NG7

    Crap its the same as week one and two (virtual) i got 30+ modes of light to use waiting for a exotic weapon engram. But looks unlikely :(

  • Josh

    Guess none of my 57 strange coins are getting spent again. What a joke.

    • David

      Yeah this is getting irritating. Sun breakers three times and red death again. BS

    • Jason Mounce

      It’s probably better that what he sells are exclusive – while Vintage Vanguard Missives are exclusive to that – and exotics given as loot for PVP matches are exclusive just so people can go to each to get their unique gear to collect them all. Just so one person doesn’t simply have to grind and grind and wait every weak to buy every exotic that Xur has – as if he’ll have every exotic in the game so you don’t have to play PVP – don’t have to play Raids, don’t have to play Strikes? I’d think a game like this should try to nudge you to have to dabble in ALL the game modes in order to be rewarded with prizes that befit each expertise, PVP’ers have loot to boast for their time spend in the Crucible as others have PVE and Strike and Raid skill, so-on-so-forth :L Waiting for a vendor to give you everything and depending on Xur to an extent feels stupid and lowly in my opinion. He helps people get their First exotic or get the first few to step your game up – but he shouldn’t be viewed as the One-Merchant-To-Have-Them-All type, know what I mean?

      • Tulius

        What he sells is not exclusive, my friend got red death outside of Xur, and now Xur sold it this week. It is supposed to be completely random, but he is cursed (glitched) to not randomize the gauntlet. If enough people bring it to Bungie’s attention, then the might do something to correct this issue.

        • Jason Mounce

          Perhaps, but people could also make use of the items on an alternate character and not complain as much I’d say. Lol. I bought the Random Exotic armour with 23 motes twice in a row – Titan Armor…..Titan Helmet, were my items at least, my problem being the randomization and me getting Non-Hunter stuff, as I only have Hunter stuff, but I still keep my Titan gear for the future, though, people seem to be getting angry of those who play as Warlocks more or less and don’t go and buy things to master other classes while waiting for more loot for Warlock?

  • Bongwaterchris

    Wtf sunbreakers again . All the time i put in to the game maybe bungie could do the same @bongwaterchris

  • Michael

    Kind of disappointed with the loot this week. Sunbreakers seems like the best choice.

  • http://www.xboxonedaily.com/ TheRedButterfly

    Good thing he’s selling the Helm of Saint 14… Cuz’, ya’ know, having gotten it in drops twice so far has already felt awesome.

    (Did I mention I play warlock?)

    • bigshynepo

      Do you see all the sympathy coming from people who can’t even get an exotic drop?

      • http://www.xboxonedaily.com/ TheRedButterfly

        By “drop” I mean item from the mail, and one from a purchased engram.

        Point is, yay for getting shit that we can’t trade.

  • GMAN25639

    I only need 1 or 2 more strange coins for sunbreakers!

    • elijah

      Don’t worry they’ll be back next week.

  • Destiny Sucks

    Fuck you bungie! Giving warlocks repeditive items while the other classes get the coolest helmets ever! Im fucking pissed!

  • Trevor Woodlief

    Whhhhhaaaattttt? This is an utter disappointment. Could you link the sites to a description/breakdown of each item? Otherwise I have to leave your site to investigate further.

  • HashtagPoundSign

    Stop complaining and buy some stuff for another toon

  • The Nano

    Aw damn I really wanted to get that one auto rifle from last week rifle though this sucks

  • Mack Wilson

    I’ve got no exotic items so I’m still exited!!!

  • Jesse Vincent

    Yay… another helm engram. Woo…

  • theExpert

    LOL suros regime is empirically shit. show’s how valid the opinions here are

  • Shad024

    i swear he is not there…

  • xkillbot2000x

    This is bull! I saved all of my motes of light and got a hunter helmet. Tons of help for my Warlock character. Wtf bungie?