Xur: Agent of Nine Location and Items Revealed (9/26)

xur agent of nine

Update: Week 4 location revealed (October 3rd).

Xur is an exotic gear vendor in Destiny and he only appears on friday-sunday. We have his location for this week.

He is currently in the “break room” in the hanger. Take a right when you spawn in the Tower.

Exotics for sale this weekend are:

  • -Crest of Alpha Lupi (Titan)
  • -Knucklehead Radar (hunter)
  • -Apotheosis Veil (lock)
  • -Suros Regime (Auto Rifle)
  • -exotic helmet engram.

If you have enough Motes of light and Strange Coins, then go to him and get your exotic/legendary gear. What are you waiting for?

You can only equip one exotic armor and one exotic weapon. Fully upgrading all gear is essential to get to 30. You also need some raid gear to get to 30.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • WeirdJunk

    I’m really happy all I needed was a helmet! Should hit level 29 now :)!

  • seaquest

    i wanted the sunbreakers =/

    • randomname1234567

      don’t get them, the apotheosis veil is much better trust me.

    • randomname1234567

      i have the sunbreakers but i regret purchasing them. if i didn’t buy them i could have enough coins for the suros regime and the apotheosis veil. now i can only get the armor and will have to wait for the assault rifle.

  • Cookies

    Meh, literally the lamest of all the Titan exotics AND an auto rifle. Whoopie…

    • Nifheilm

      i dont think its a bad chest piece by any means, its just thought out as a support exotic. Probably a good fit for a defender class during tough Strikes or the Crucible mode where you can revive people

      • Punkindrublic1

        I agree, the chest piece would come in handy especially in boss battles were respawning is restricted and time is of the essence.

        • Cookies

          You’d think that, but the faster revive is so tiny that it’s hard to tell any difference.

      • Jacks Mod

        And it does look pretty cool, the full Alpha Lupi is a beautiful set!

      • Cookies

        I didn’t say it was bad, I said it’s the lamest Titan exotic. It’s ability is barely noticeable when it comes to reviving people (I play regularly with some who has it) and it doesn’t generate that many more orbs. Any of the other exotics have more useful effects for PvP and several of them are MUCH better for PvE. So I’m just going to keep my money for next week and hope we get anything else (except maybe the Helmet of Saint 14, since that’s not amazing either).

  • cowboyup9090

    Lame you don’t need to buy your exotics find them on ur own I feel like its cheating

    • famuel

      stfu no one cares

    • Kolber

      Not when you’ve been working on collecting coins and motes. It’s rewards earned through progress.

  • Mark Oldenburg

    WOW…I’ve received 2 Exotic Helmets on chance and purchased a 3rd Exotic Helmet….BOTH were TITAN Class while I am a Hunter!!! I dont understand why they keep doing this!!!???!!!??!!??!!

  • Tr3v0r457


    • jeff

      you should probably post what system you’re on

      • Punkindrublic1

        lol +1

  • wesrambo

    If I get the engram is it a garuntee exotic?

    • d0x360

      Nope in fact it can be turned into green. Buy it and wait until Bungie fixes the cryptarch. They said while he is suppose to downgrade equipment it happens too often.

    • alex

      I bought it and got an exotic. for another class but still

  • Russell Gorall

    Nothing for Warlock class? I think it was the same thing last week, though I might be wrong.

    • Punkindrublic1

      Not sure if you want it but this is for warlock

      -Apotheosis Veil (lock)

  • memyselfandm

    I dont know why you all keep subjecting yourselves to Cryptarch trolling :) Sadists…

  • Illusive Man

    no love for warlock. f u bungie.

  • grimm78613

    got the apotheosis veil from a legendary engram gift from the cryptarc, but i really wanted the sunbreakers

  • Karianganaka

    It’s Sunday at 840 and he’s gone already…. He’s suppose to be there until 9…

  • w4nt3d_cpk

    at what time he’s there?