Xenoblade Chronicles X: Massive Revenue Accumulation Guide

xenoblade x

If you’ve been playing Xenoblade Chronicles X for quite a while, you will come at a normal quest that requires you to generate 125k revenue in a single tick.

You get revenue every 30 mins in the game. Getting massive revenue depends on your probe setup and efficiency. It’s not important to unlock every probe location but it helps.

We will be using Oblivia for this and we need a duplicator probe, a booster probe and a bunch of research probes (higher the better). You have to unlock all the Sightseeing locations or this won’t work. Here’s the Sightseeing guide.

You need to choose a location where multiple probes connect to a single probe and place the duplicator probe at the location. Place another booster probe near the duplicator probe and watch the revenue zoom to crazy proportions.

Here’s an image that illustrates this:

revenue guide 180k

Do the exact same thing with higher tiers of research probes and you will instantly get a ton of revenue. You can do this same setup in other areas but it’s not recommended because you need Miranium as well.

Stay tuned for more guides on Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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