Xbox One’s Kinect is 10 times more powerful, says Rare’s Nick Burton

xbox one high res screenshot 1

Microsoft has improved the Kinect sensor a lot, Rare’s New Technology Development Lead, Nick Burton has revealed. His comments were posted by Xbox Wire.

He has mentioned that it’s 10 times more powerful than its predecessor, which is something that is apparent when you considering the sensor can record at 1080p. The sensor can also scan redemption codes.

“Kinect Sports Rivals,” Xbox One’s Kinect sensor has ten times the power of its predecessor. It can register a fingertip from three meters away, a feat that was impossible last generation, and its wider field of tracking means it can register more players and at closer distances.

“Kinect Sports Rivals” is using Kinect’s advanced technology to provide a new layer of precision and depth of mastery.

No longer will vague gestures be enough to secure victory – every subtle movement is registered in-game and impacts performance. How hard you twist your wrist while revving the throttle of a jet ski affects its acceleration and your exact hand placement can mean the difference between success and failure in rock climbing.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? The system will be released later this year. It costs $499.

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Via Microsoft.