Xbox One Will Support Indies, ‘Independent Creator Program’ Announced

Microsoft have revealed that they won’t create a box where Indies aren’t welcome.

Indies have been a pillar of strength on the Xbox 360 and that seems to be slowing down with the Xbox One due to Microsoft’s policies of not allowing Indies to self-publish their games.

Don Mattrick, head of IEB at Microsoft, has mentioned that they will support them and they have right to exist inside the ecosystem they have created.

“We’re going to have an independent creator program,” he told Kotaku. “We’re going to sponsor it. We’re going to give people tools. That is something we think—I think—is important. That’s how I started in the industry. There’s no way we’re going to build a box that doesn’t support that.”

Many Indies voiced their displeasure with the reveal of the Xbox One, but that could change if Microsoft plays their cards right.