Xbox One Will Play Games After a Partial Download Just like PS4

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Sony announced a feature during their PS4 reveal event where it was possible to play play a game after partially downloading it. We also saw this with The Last of Us last month where the game allowed you to play after downloading a significant amount of content.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will be able to do the same, the company has confirmed to Polygon. This is a very neat feature and is useful for indie games which are not really that big in size. It can also come in handy for retail games if you want to play day 1 and haven’t got a fast internet connection.

On the PS4 and the Xbox One, the game will be playable as soon as inserting the disc and the installation will continue in the background. Next-gen seems to great for consumers and their time will be mostly spent on games and not installing games.

The digital version of games will be available day 1 as well along with the retail version on both consoles.

Via Polygon.

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