Xbox One Will Face A Delay Into 2014 for Unknown Reasons – Rumour

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Microsoft may delay the Xbox One into 2014, according to a few sources of Gamereactor. We haven’t confirmed this information so take it with a massive pinch of salt. Since GR is a credible outlet, such a report on their site does make you think twice, but a delay would really hurt Microsoft at this point and seems unlikely.

There has been no release date announced for the PS4 or the Xbox One, and a delay into 2014 for Microsoft’s console seems hard to believe at this point. We have sent Microsoft an e-mail and will update this news once we hear more on it.

The console seems to be on track for a 2013 release and competition from Sony probably won’t allow Microsoft to miss this holiday season. The Xbox One project was valued at $3 billion so Microsoft definitely has invested a lot of money into the system.

Stay tuned to Gamechup as we investigate this rumour.

Via Gamereactor.

  • Tom

    Sony have absolutely murdered Microsoft in this next gen console war so far. With the PS4, Sony have produced an incredibly powerful games console focused at the millions of core gamers around the world (who are the most lucrative customers) at a really affordable price point. The PS4 is selling like hot cakes all around the world (it is already sold out in a number of European countries including the UK and Netherlands) and Sony can’t keep up with pre-order demand. Microsoft have a lot of work to do, but they have the resources and marketing money to make Xbox a success. Sony have won the initial battle, but Microsoft could still win the war.

  • Squid

    Other sites are reporting this as just Europe and also a 2014 release for Asia as well.