Xbox One Users Can’t Cross Game Chat with Xbox 360 Users – Nelson

xbox one major nelson unboxing

This is something that was expected as it has been revealed that Xbox One users can’t voice chat with Xbox 360 users.

The reason for this isn’t concrete but Major Nelson, who recently unboxed the Xbox One console, has revealed that there may be incompatibilities between the codecs on the two machines.

Here’s what he wrote on Reddit:

I’ve asked – based on what I know of the voice system, I would be surprised if this was possible. The Xbox One uses an all new wide bandwidth (read: better voice quality) CODEC, so I doubt they are compatible.

Well, this probably means a no, and even if it was possible it makes no sense in making the two consoles voice chat compatible, however, it would have been a good thing to have.

Earlier, Microsoft’s Albert Penello also revealed some new details on the Kinect IR Blaster and the 4K compatible HDMI cable. The console will also be bundled with a headset, but some console features will be locked behind XBL paywall.