Xbox One RROD-proof, Architecture and Memory Details Revealed

xbox one soc details

Microsoft has highly customized the Xbox One chips, and this was revealed at a chip design conference at Stanford University recently. A lot more information was revealed on the system including the main processor and Kinect image sensor details.

Microsoft chip architect John Sell revealed that the main chip is very complex and has been designed in collaboration with AMD and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing co.

The system has a main bandwidth of 68GB/s to the main memory which is an 8GB DDR3 RAM, and a whopping 204GB/s bandwidth to the embedded ESRAM, and this confirms the report by Digital Foundry as well.

The Xbox One SOC also has a 47 MBytes Cache in a 363mm2 die. It was also earlier revealed that the CPU has 5 billion transistors.

xbox one camera soc

Some details on Kinect were also revealed. The machine can capture footage at 1080p even over Skype and has a 70-degree viewing angle. The detection has also been improved and is not dependent on the room lighting. It can also track 6 players now instead of the two the old Kinect on the Xbox 360 did.

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