Xbox One: Smartmatch, Skype locked behind XBL Gold paywall

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Microsoft has locked vital features like Smartmatch and Skype behind Xbox Live Gold. While this isn’t a surprise to many because of their policies on the Xbox 360, considering the PS4 allows cross game chat without a PS Plus subscription, some people are understandably upset at this decision.

Features like OneGuide, Game DVR, Skype and Smartmatch are the features that won’t be available to people who are not subscribed to XBL Gold.

Microsoft has confirmed that these features are indeed locked for non-gold subscribers. The subscription costs $5 a month or $50 a year, and the price hasn’t been increased for it.

This year’s Gamescom may have some more details on how all this works. But it’s clear that Microsoft is going to charge you a lot more than $499 to utilize all of Xbox One’s features.

We will keep you updated once we hear more on this. Stay tuned.

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