Xbox One Slim Revealed: New Images, 40% Smaller, Internal PSU, More

xbox one slim 1

Microsoft were rumoured to release a new slim version of Xbox One, kinda something that looks like a PS4. Those rumours are true apparently as we have leaked images that show how the console is going to look, and we have to say it looks spectacular.

The slim console is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One and it probably shouldn’t be considered a massive achievement considering Sony did that at launch. However, it’s a start and they have really nailed the design as the images show.

There is also an internal powerbrick which should be great news to people who were sick of the power brick ruining the look of their main or game room.

The console will most likely be released next year, along with a newly improved Xbox One codenamed Scorpio which is scheduled to be released in 2017. However, that’s also a rumour right now but Microsoft could announce it soon.

Sony won’t be announcing the PlayStation 4.5 Neo at E3 but they confirmed its existence and said that it is for enthusiast gamers. Xbox One Scorpio is rumoured to be twice as powerful as the Sony PS4K Neo.

xbox one slim

The Xbox One Slim will be exactly the same as the previous console without any hardware upgrade, only the form factor has been changed.

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