Xbox One sells 23k in Japan in just 4 days

xbox one high res screenshot 5

The first week sales for Xbox One are in and it’s a shocker. As in, it’s really poor. The Xbox One has sold 23k units in 4 days which is way lower than what the PS4 did.

This was expected though since the Xbox 360 sells about 200 units per week in Japan, theres simply not a market for the console in Japan.

These numbers are from Famitsu and Titanfall was the best selling Xbox One game, followed by Kinect Sports Rivals and Dead Rising 3.

The Japanese home console market isn’t doing too well with the poor performance of Wii U and to some extent the PS4.

Titanfall was also bundled and these numbers do not look too promising for Microsoft.


1) TitanFall : 22 416
2) Kinect Sport Rivals : 14 919
3) Dead Rising 3: 7 330

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