Xbox One S Unboxing Video, Comes with A Bluetooth Controller

xbox one slim 1

The new Xbox One S console is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. The power supply is now in-built and the portability of the console has been increased drastically. The console is unboxed by Major Nelson and features are explained by Carl Ledbetter, executive creative director of Xbox.

It has a clickable power button and also features HDR capability. If your TV has HDR you can enjoy the vivid colours which will improved the gameplay immersion a lot.

It also comes with an Xbox One controller which has built in bluetooth capability. You can pair it with your PC as well and there won’t be any need for a wireless dongle.

The console is priced at $299 and is a meaningful upgrade over the previous Xbox One which was ancient in a lot of ways. More features of the console are listed here.

Check out the video below.