Xbox One S To Have 4K Output, 4K TV Owners Rejoice

xbox one slim 1

In a surprise bit of news the Xbox One S which is an improved version of Xbox One features a bunch of enhancements like HDR, but it was recently revealed that the system will output in 4K resolution.

So if you have a 4K TV all your Xbox One games will show at 4K. Now, there’s a difference between native 4K and simply outputting video at 4K. The former requires Scorpio level of hardware to achieve and the latter could be done easily on Xbox One or PS4.

In this age of technology where 4K TVs have become considerably cheaper, it seems to be a good idea to buy Xbox One S which is 40% smaller than the Xbox One and outputs in 4K. Of course, with Scorpio’s launch next year we may truly see some great visuals achieved on Microsoft’s platform.

The 4K output for Xbox One S was confirmed by Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra on Twitter.