Xbox One S Console Has a Beautiful Little Secret Inside

xbox one slim 1

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been released in the US and people are already deconstructing the console, ripping it apart and checking out its interiors.

A YouTuber Austin Evans has opened up his Xbox One S console and found out that there’s a little carving of Master Chief inside. It looks really cute and is a great secret from Microsoft. Not many people were going to find it on their own because opening a console can be tricky and there’s almost no reason to do that.

The 500GB console costs $299 and the 2TB console costs $399 and we don’t know when it will be launched in other countries like India.

Take a look at the image below which shows the carving in all its glory. The console has 4K TV output as well as HDR support.

xbox one s masterchief

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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