Xbox One Needs to Launch in NA and Japan Simultaneously – Dynasty Warriors Director

xbox one high res screenshot 3

Dynasty Warriors director Atsushi Miyauchi has revealed that not doing a Japanese launch this year will be a mistake from Microsoft and it’s important if they want to be successful in the country.

The Xbox 360 managed to sell modestly in Japan and if the Xbox One needs to fare better than it, a simultaneous launch will be highly beneficial.

“I think Microsoft gave up promoting and presenting the Xbox 360 in Japan, it didn’t keep the momentum there. And if they can release the Xbox One as close as possible to [the] North American release date, I think that would make a really big difference this time around,” he said.

“Not a lot of information has come to the Japanese game developers. So I think at this point now we don’t have much information until they make an official presentation to us; then [developers] would understand what they will be able to do.”

He believes that brand loyalty to Sony and PS2 was the reason why the Xbox 360 didn’t take off in the region. The system comes out later this year in 21 markets around the world and is priced at $499.

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Thanks, Polygon.