Xbox One “Mono” Driver Allows Deeper Coding for Maximum Performance

xbox one high res screenshot 3

Coding to the metal is a phrase you may be familiar with since that’s how developers can get the most out of consoles since there’s no overhead due to unoptimised drivers.

The Xbox 360 uses the DirectX API which results in some performance being lost because it doesn’t really allow developers to code to the metal too much.

However, that won’t be an issue with the Xbox One, since Microsoft has developed a driver which allows them to code to the metal and it has been modified for maximum performance. The system uses DirectX 11.2 API.

Microsoft’s Marc Whitten had earlier revealed that the Xbox One GPU had been boosted in performance due to a clock increase, and also commented about the mono driver in a podcast with Major Nelson.

“Since E3, an example is that we’ve dropped in what we internally call our mono driver. It’s our graphics driver that really is 100 percent optimised for the Xbox One hardware. You start with the base [DirectX] driver, and then you take out all parts that don’t look like Xbox One and you add in everything that really optimises that experience. Almost all of our content partners have really picked it up now, and I think it’s made a really nice improvement.”

The Xbox One is shaping up to a great console now. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • Magilla187

    Since E3 ? but they were running on high end PCs

    • John Joe Silver

      not all of them.. supposedly Forza and KI were on the latest dev kits… only 3rd parties were on PCs with similar specs

      • Kopi

        GTX is not similar specs to what ever GPU XO has under the hoot. Its not even on the same level of hardware grade, let alone the architecture which is another thing that is vastly different. How naive you can be comparing XO GPU to GTX card. Thats a huge lol right there. And also, no Forza is not running on DEV kits either. Those were just excuse MS gave after being exposed. You dont use “DEV Kits” thats completely off the original hardware specs. At least thats not how console works. No games on E3 actually run off an actual XO hardware or even an equivalent.

        • John Joe Silver

          ok i’ll take the word of a randomer on the internet rather than journalists (eurogamer, ign and others) who said first party games were on dev kits and MS staff themselves saying it… ok buddy sure thing

          • cozomel

            Cuz you’re a naive fool. Non of those games where running of hardware with equivalent specs to the X1. And you should realize that by now. And just cuz a website said doesnt mean its true, youre gullible

          • John Joe Silver

            ok sure thing buddy 8 month old thread and that’s what you come up with?