Xbox One: Microsoft Confirms ‘Virtualized Cloud Computing Resources’

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Microsoft has again talked how great cloud processing is and have mentioned that the power of the Xbox One is increased 10 times when developers use the limitless resources of the cloud.

“Microsoft has hundreds of thousands of servers and dozens of data centers geographically distributed all around the planet, and Xbox One has the ability to instantly tap in to that limitless computational horsepower,” he said.

Earlier the company revealed that they massively increased the amount of servers to 300k and each game can use the power of the cloud. Launch titles such as Forza Motorsport 5 and third-party games such as Titanfall use Cloud processing.

The company has also confirmed that they aren’t 300,000 physical servers but virtualized cloud computing resources. Virtual servers means each physical server can host up to 1000 other servers or more with equal amount of resources.

“Game developers can now create persistent worlds that encompass tens or hundreds of thousands of players without taxing any individual console, and those worlds that they built can be lusher and more vibrant than ever before because the cloud persists and is always there, always computing,” Xbox One engineering manager Jeff Henshaw said.

“Those worlds can live on in between game sessions. If one player drops out, that world will continue on and can experience the effects of time, like wear from weather damage, so that when a player comes back into the universe it’s actually a slightly evolved place in the same way that our real world evolves a little bit from the time we go to sleep to the time we wake up. Game developers have given us incredibly positive feedback on the crazy different ways that they can use this incredible new cloud power resource.”

Jonathon Blow, the creator of The Witness, had earlier bashed Microsoft for lying about cloud power and hinted that they are virtualized and not physical, which seems to have been confirmed now.