Xbox One: Kinect IR Blaster, 4k HDMI cable details revealed by Microsoft exec

xbox one high res screenshot 3

Microsoft’s Albert Penello who earlier revealed some details on the Xbox One GPU clock speed boost, has revealed some more details on the Kinect IR Blaster, and the 4K rated HDMI cable.

In case you’re wondering what’s going on, Microsoft recently released an unboxing video of the Xbox One. In case you missed that, you can check that out over here.

On the IR Blaster, he said:

Kinect has and IR blaster array built in. Can turn on your TV, Cable Box, etc. so when you say “Xbox On” it will actually power your equipment, switch inputs, etc. (I know, TV TV TV but when you get to see it, you’ll understand.). As someone pointed out, if for some reason your setup doesn’t work with Kinect IR blasting, you can get a cable and connect to the port in the back.

He also revealed some details on the HDMI cable:

4K rated HDMI cable – you can blame me for that. My point was, we have in fact tested this cable against 4K, and made sure we didn’t get EMI interference with our internal radios.

So I wanted people to be confident it wasn’t a POS generic HDMI cable – to make it work great, you need to test it with the system you ship, to make sure at full resolution you’re not getting any interference.

Microsoft has been doing a good job lately in reversing their policies that consumers disliked. The Xbox One has become somewhat attractive now and more details on the system will be revealed at Gamescom this year.

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