Xbox One II (Generation 2) Production Began in Feb 2016 – Rumour

xbone 1 2 gen 2

Here it is, folks. Hot on the heels of Sony’s Neo rumours, now we have another rumour which states that Microsoft’s iterative successor to the Xbox One is already in mass production somewhere in China.

The image was leaked in a Chinese board called Weibo, which has leaked quite a few legitimate stuff.

The translation says ‘Generation two’ or Xbox One II. Kinda weird for a console name but Microsoft may change it later.

Expected production capacity is around 400k consoles per week or about 1.2 million per month, so we don’t know what Microsoft’s sales target could be.

This is still a rumour for now but where there is smoke there’s a fire, and things usually get leaked pretty fast in the video game industry.

The Neo from Sony will feature upgraded specs and will also have a special mode that runs games at a higher resolution and framerate. The console will be similar to the PS4 in every way except for the upgraded specs.

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Thanks Weibo/NeoGAF.