Xbox One HDMI-In Allows You To Plug In an Xbox 360


xbox one high res screenshot 5The Xbox One has a HDMI-In port to allow people to connect things such as cable boxes to the console but Microsoft has revealed that you can also connect an Xbox 360 to it.

“Absolutely; you can certainly plug an Xbox 360 in the back – that was one of my first questions when I heard about the [HDMI-in] feature,” Major Nelson said in a recent interview with Reddit r/games.

“It’s the only console right now that has HDMI-in, and it’s going to absolutely allow you to plug in your, for instance, your cable, your set-top box.

The console is positioned as an all-in-one entertainment box and such a feature will prove to be vital to reduce congestion around the TV. The console costs $499 and will be released later this year in 21 markets around the world.

You can check out the full interview below.

  • Shogunreaper

    So…whats the point of plugging your 360 into an xbox 1 lol?

  • Kourosh Ward

    Umm, I have a cable box already…and I can record on it