Xbox One GPU speed to be increased, 10% reserved for Kinect and apps

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Microsoft has revealed that they are optimising the Xbox One in such a way that eventually more power will be unlocked for developers. The company had increased the CPU speed recently and it looks like they will do the same for the GPU as well.

Digital Foundry states that currently 10% of the GPU is reserved for Kinect and other system functions, and this could be lowered over time.

“Xbox One has a conservative 10 per cent time-sliced reservation on the GPU for system processing. This is used both for the GPGPU processing for Kinect and for the rendering of concurrent system content such as snap mode,” Microsoft’s Andrew Goossen told them.

“The current reservation provides strong isolation between the title and the system and simplifies game development – strong isolation means that the system workloads, which are variable, won’t perturb the performance of the game rendering. In the future, we plan to open up more options to developers to access this GPU reservation time while maintaining full system functionality.”

Recently Gaijin Entertainment had revealed that the PS4 GPU was 40% better than the Xbox One GPU. Will a boost help the Xbox One? Every bit counts at this stage.

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Thanks, Digital Foundry.