Xbox One Games List, Here’s All The Exclusives and Multiplatforms We Know

Halo 5

Microsoft has already confirmed that 343 Industries will be making a new triology for the Halo franchise.

Halo 4 is already out on the Xbox 360 and there’s not much sense in releasing another game for it now, and it is certain that the Xbox One will be getting this title. They may reveal this exclusive at E3 this year since they have already mentioned a lot of exclusives in development for the system.

They have already unveiled Forza 5 and Microsoft relies a lot on their old franchises, so expect this at E3.

halo 4

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  • keysy

    you forget that xbox counts things like mappacks as exclusives and kinect games. why are people still supportign this sytem taht doesnt allow used games. “STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS GAMERS>”

  • DLL

    I wonder how many ” red rings of death” XBox will have this time around. Probably will happen as it’s sending spy videos and heartrates back to MS with the “always on” kinect that many countries are already deeming an illegal surveillance device. Fuck MS; The new Apple. Big brother promises everything is fine. Give up just a bit more dignity and privacy just to have a next-gen system.