Xbox One games at PAX ran at 1.6Ghz, Devs should notice boost soon – Penello

xbox one high res screenshot 3

Microsoft director of product planning Albert Penello has clarified the recent Xbox One CPU boost by 150MHz. He revealed that Xbox One games at PAX ran at 1.6GHz and the CPU boost was not applied to those units. Developers should start seeing the benefits of that boost soon.

“Devs should start seeing this soon – so any performance gains were happening on the 1.6 boxes. (everything at PAX was on the 1.6). This is a boost to developers on top of the optimizations going on,” he wrote on GAF.

He also debunked rumours that there were production issues with the Xbox One and current changes by boosting the CPU and GPU speed shows that the rumour is dubious.

“Lastly – can I PLEASE finally get you over this “we’re having production issues” thing that’s going around? We increased the GPU 6%. We increased the CPU almost 10%. We have been showing retail boxes. We are now in full production,” he added. “If at this point these facts don’t outweigh random rumors…”

Sony has not revealed the PS4’s CPU speed but it’s rumoured to run at 1.6GHz as well. It’s not clear whether Sony would boost the PS4 CPU speed to match Microsoft’s, but at this stage it seems unnecessary because on paper it’s still stronger than Xbox One.

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