Xbox One ESRAM Bandwidth Increased to 192GB/s – Report

The Xbox One may compete with the PS4 pretty well if this new report is true. Digital Foundry reports that Microsoft has increased the ESRAM bandwidth to 192GB/s which should help them counter the slow speeds of DDR3 RAM.

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Earlier the ESRAM bandwidth was supposed to be 102GB/s and the DDR3 bandwidth was supposed to be 68GB/s, so this is good news indeed.

“The 32MB of “embedded static RAM” within the Xbox One processor aims to make up the difference, and was previously thought to sustain a peak theoretical throughput of 102GB/s – useful, but still some way behind the 176GB/s found in PlayStation 4’s RAM set-up,” the report reads.

“Now that close-to-final silicon is available, Microsoft has revised its own figures upwards significantly, telling developers that 192GB/s is now theoretically possible.”

What this means is that multiplatform games may look similar on both PS4 and Xbox One, however, the PS4 still has an edge due to the unified memory structure which is capable of 176GB/s.

Via Digital Foundry.

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