Xbox One: DFC Intelligence Questions Microsoft’s Xbox Business

xbox one high res screenshot 5

DFC Intelligence, an analyst group, which accurately predicted the current gen console standings and gave a warning to Sony to pick their game up, has questioned Microsoft over the direction they are taking the Xbox business.

Microsoft’s policies have been something many people think is anti-consumer and it may hurt the company next-gen.

The group says that the company’s strategy for entertainment devices is deeply flawed.

“So far this has not had a major negative impact on the Xbox business but that is likely to change with the Xbox One launch,” DFC’s David Cole revealed. “Right now the entire future of Microsoft’s consumer entertainment business is in question and that is likely to have a major impact on the game industry.”

The company has to take these warnings seriously as this analyst group clearly has a lot of credibility over some of the other prominent groups that cover the video game business.

Via MCV.