Xbox One Controller Details: Latency, Rumble, Wired USB (Video)

xbox one high res screenshot 3

Microsoft has released a new video showing some of design innovations in the Xbox One controller. The company reportedly spent $100 million in creating a lot of prototypes and testing various controller models before settling on the final model.

The rumble feature has been enhanced and the triggers have the functionality as well. Microsoft’s Zulfi Alam reveals some more details to Major Nelson as they breakdown the Xbox One controller.

The latency has been reduced as well by 20% due to the Xbox One hardware.

“There were two goals: first increase the bandwidth of this wireless protocol, significantly more, 20x more than what we have right now. And the other one was to reduce the latency, so the moment you press the fire button, the time it takes to go to your console and back, essentially we reduce that,” he revealed.

The controller can also be used as a wired controller by simply plugging in the wired cable.

“The moment you plug in the wire essentially the radio in the controller shuts down, and at that point the controller transforms into being a truly wired controller,” he revealed.

Check out the video below.