Xbox One consumes 14 watts when responding to “Xbox On” Command

xbox one high res screenshot 5

The Xbox One may look big and bulky but the power consumption is really low. We have some new details on the system.

Marc Whitten who recently revealed that the Xbox One GPU clock had been upped by 53mhz, also revealed in a separate interview with 4players that the system consumers 14 watts when responding to the “Xbox On” command.

You can command the Xbox One to start up using the Kinect sensor while it’s in the standby mode. The camera can be turned off but you cannot start the system if the camera is disconnected.

“When it’s ready to respond to “Xbox On” it uses about 14 watts, which is about five US cents (or about four Euro cents) per day,” Whitten revealed.

“In its lowest power state, Xbox One uses only a ½-watt, which is less than about a half a U.S. cent or one-third of a Euro cent per day.”

The system will be released later this year and one more detail that consumers should be aware of is that the system is designed to be placed in the horizontal way to ensure proper airflow.