Xbox One Confirmed To Be Region Locked

Just like the Xbox 360 before it, Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will not be region free.

A Microsoft spokesman told Digital Trends it is a necessity for meeting country-specific regulatory guidelines. The PS3 is not region locked and the PS4 probably won’t be as well, since a lot of people tend to import Japanese games.

“Similar to the movie and music industry, games must meet country-specific regulatory guidelines before they are cleared for sale,” the spokesperson said. “We will continue to work with our partners to follow these guidelines with Xbox One.”

Is there anything good about the Xbox One? Well, at least every game is confirmed to have a dedicated server and Microsoft have really increased the infrastructure.

There’s a lot of unconfirmed things about the Xbox One at the point, and E3 should clear up many doubts like the company’s policies on used games and always-online Internet required.

Via Digital Trends.