Xbox One Conference Was Watched by Over 8.4 Million People

Microsoft has released some interesting stats about the viewership of the Xbox One event.

They have mentioned that over 8.45 million people tuned into their favored location to watch the conference live. It’s a record breaking event and rivals one of the top-most concurrent streamed event of all time.

They hit this milestone on the Xbox website as well, where the concurrency record was tripled. It was also the most watched live broadcast delivered by Akamai, and it was “better than events such as 2010 World Cup, Royal Wedding 2011, and 2012 election night.”

The conference was a success on TV as well, and 1.73 million people watched it live on Spike TV. There was a lot of anticipation for the event, and based on the negative feedback generated after the event, one can’t help but feel, many of these people may have been let down by Microsoft.

Impressive stats nonetheless. The Xbox 360 has sold 77 million units so far and is the highest selling console in America.