Xbox One Accessories Detailed: Headset, Plug and Charge Kit, More

xbox one high res screenshot 3

Xbox One’s accessories will be familiar to those who have owned an Xbox 360. The console will be released later this year and Microsoft has announced first-party and third-party accessories to the console.

The plug and charge kit is pretty straightforward as the console does not have an internal battery, and it’s the same as the one in the Xbox 360.

We already know how the Xbox One controller looks like, here’s the description and pictures of the rest of the accessories. There’s no pricing revealed for them but you can probably guess what it will be.

The headset will not be bundled with the Xbox One because Microsoft has already said they are offering a lot of value and maybe there isn’t enough room for it! But it definitely is weird why they haven’t included it as it was packed with the Xbox 360.

Check out the accessories below.

xbox one chat headset

xbox one controller with play and charge kit

xbox one play and charge kit

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