Xbox Live Price Has Been Doubled In India By Microsoft

Well, gaming got a lot more expensive for Indian Xbox Live users as Microsoft has doubled the price of the service from Rs 350 per month to Rs 699 per month. The reason given was that the currency changes in India was a problem.

The rate of the rupee is already very high and has been climbing steadily since 2009. It is currently at around Rs 70 which has raised the prices of goods in India.

The price increase is already live and went live on January 28th. Microsoft has increased the price of Live in Canada by $10 as well.

They seem to be trying to make the most of this gen as the Xbox One isn’t too hot in many markets.

There are a lot of benefits to having Xbox Live, mainly you can play online and get free games. However, the Indian market has moved beyond the Xbox and PlayStation to some extent due to the high prices of literally everything.

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